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Customized solar power and bulk water heating solutions

Do aspire to live off-grid? Or are you looking to cut down on your monthly electricity costs? We can design and install a hybrid power system to suit your specific power requirements. Solar Balance offers professional and personalised technical advice, installation and support on both new and existing systems, as well as ongoing support.

Our professional team are qualified to design and install customized solar power, energy efficiency and bulk water heating requirements.

For a free quotation or advice contact us directly or call us on 087 802 7561

Solar Power Solutions

  • Solar energy systems.
  • Battery backup systems.
  • Off-Grid power solutions.
  • Grid-Tied solutions.
  • Solar Boreholes.
  • Wind Turbines and Hybrid power solutions.
  • Energy Efficiency and LED Lighting.

We specialize in providing power and hot water solutions for Lodges, Guesthouses and Hotels. We also assist in Eskom Standard Offer and Eskom Standard Product rebate applications on all large projects.

Bulk water heating

Various customized water heating solutions are available:

  • Large quantity supply and installation.
  • Active ring feed hot water systems.
  • Combination of solar heating and heat pump technology.
  • Retro fitting of standard geysers

For a free quotation or advice on any customized water heating solution contact us directly or call us on 087 802 7561

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