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Heat Pumps - economical, safe and ideal if roof space and pitch not suitable for solar collectors

When a gas is compressed, it heats up. A heat pump has a motor which compresses gas in the Heat Pump, taking in heat from the surrounding air and then transferring all this heat to water, with the result of water being heated. It takes far less electricity to run a motor and generate heat in this way than to heat water by passing electricity through an electric element. .

Alliance Air heat pump systems now available from Solar Balance

Selection of retrofitted or integrated systems are available

Depending on your requirements, you can either select a Retro fitted unit or an Integrated unit. The retrofitted unit can make use of your existing geyser and can supply between 100 to 500 litres of hot water from an externally-mounted Heat Pump unit. The Integrated unit combines both the Heat Pump and storage tank in a single unit, 190 litres and 300 litre systems available. Larger units suitable for hotels, guesthouses, offices buildings etc. are also available. Modularity allows up to 16 units to be interconnected, ensuring large volumes of hot water available at all times.

Heat Pump size Geyser Size Estimated prices Eskom Rebate
3.2kw 150L-200L R16,830 R3668
5.0kw 200L-300L R17,950 R3668
7.2kw 300L-400L R19,815 R3668
10kw 500L R29,495 R4320
*Prices shown are recommended retail prices (pre rebate) installed, inclusive of VAT.

Rebates only apply when you are retrofitting or replacing existing electrical element geysers. Customers who already have an electrical element geyser with a capacity of between 100 litres and 500 litres are eligible to purchase rebated heat pumps.

Heat Pump advantages

  • Heat only for specified periods as determined by your household requirements.
  • Easy installation.
  • Water temperature can be remote-controlled.
  • Capital outlay costs of purchasing and installing a Heat Pump Water Heater are generally lower than those of other comparable water heating systems.
  • Heat Pumps are also suitable for thatched roofs where solar heating cannot be used.
  • Efficient in all weather conditions.
  • Saves up to two-thirds of geyser heating costs.
  • Top-quality & eco-friendly.
  • Accredited on the Eskom heat pump rebate programme.

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