Build Solar Energy Panels


Have you ever thought to build solar energy panels? Most people who truly desire to become more energy independent, have been led to believe that it is simply too costly of an undertaking, or that you need to be some sort of physics major to construct a solar panel. Maybe you are completely fed up with relying on the big energy companies and the exorbitant prices that they charge.

Personally, it drives me nuts to be slaves, so to speak, to the power companies. I know for a fact that there are many alternative and renewable energy sources that are more than capable of delivering energy for a fraction of the cost, if not completely wiping out your energy bill all together. Sounds pretty good huh? So why not give it a shot and build solar energy panels?

My name is Jessica Lee, and I have basically become quite fascinated with the thought of harnessing the energy of the sun to offset the cost of being “on the grid.” That isn’t all there is to it though. There are many other ways to power a home that the majority of people simply aren’t aware of, and I would love nothing more than to spread the knowledge so that one day we will find ourselves capable of creating everything we need to be self reliant.

Things such as wind turbines to harness the energy of the wind, or ways to produce electricity from running water are just a couple more methods that I want to explore as I gain more knowledge and insight. Who knows, maybe one day we will have vehicles that run on nothing but water as they efficiently separate the hydrogen from the oxygen. Pure, clean, renewable energy with no pollution is possible, but it takes knowledge and understanding.

I will continue to add more information about what exactly solar energy is, the pros and cons, some interesting facts, and how different systems work. If you have begun to become interested in ways of becoming more self sufficient in case of an emergency or truly wish to get off the grid, then make sure and explore this site. If anything, I would like to provide knowledge and direction for those who are looking to better themselves.

I chose to simply stick with this one area of energy; namely for you to learn to build solar energy panels with this site. As time goes by, I hope to have sister sites that will tie in with this one, and provide step-by-step plans to construct various means of producing alternate energy and much more as well.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my site. I hope you enjoy it and can take away something positive from it. If you do decide to build solar energy panels, I hope it is something that your whole family can learn and enjoy doing together.